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Japanese is Possible!
Week 1

Part 22

  • -Chatta
  • Kagiri
  • Example Sentences
  • Useful Words


This is probably one of the most popular endings you'll encounter. It means "irrevocably", "can't be undone", "went and did without thinking". It's a relatively cute ending. Most of the time a person using this ending would have to be pretty cute, usually a girl. Guys can use this ending, but it doesn't happen as often. You probably wouldn't see Kenshin using it!

You have to do something to the verb before you can just add this ending. It varies, depending on what group the verb is in. For instance, with -U -TSU -RU verbs, you remove the ending from the verb (-u, -tsu, -ru) and add -chatta.

taberu (to eat)- tabechatta
omou (to think)- omochatta
katsu (to win) - kachatta

With -SU verbs, you change the -SU to SHI first.

korosu (to kill) - koroshichatta
iyasu (to heal) - iyashichatta
osu (to push) - oshichatta

With -MU -NU -BU verbs, you conjugate it into its -NDE form, and remove the last -DE. Also, you use -jatta instead of -chatta.

shinu (to die) - shinjatta
korobu (to fall) - koronjatta
ochikomu (to be depressed) - ochikonjatta

okaasan no ringo datta no ni, mo tabechatta!
mother ('s) apple was even though, already ate it (and it can't be un-ate)
Even though it was mother's apple, I went and ate it!

taisetsu na tomodachi wa shinjatta node, kanashinde iru.
important friend (subject) died because, am being sad.
Because an important friend is dead, (I'm) sad.


This word basically means "to the extent that", or "as far as". As always, we'll use it in a sentence so you can see exactly what function it performs!

boku ga shitte iru kagiri, aitsu wa shinda yo!
I (subject) am knowing as far as, he (subject) died !
As far as I know, he died!

dekiru kagiri, yatte miyou!
to be able (as far as), do let's try!
As far as we're able, let's try to do it!

Example Sentences

miru koto mo dekinai yo!
to see (situation) also can't !
I can't see (anything) either!

ranma wo taoshita koto aru no ka?
ranma (who) defeated situation exists?
Have you ever beaten Ranma before?

kaoru wa kenshin wo kekkon shiyou to shite ita.
kaoru (subject) kenshin (who) let's marry and was doing.
Kaoru had a mind to marry Kenshin.

hikaru wa mokona wo dakishimeyou to shite iru.
hikaru (subject) mokona (who) let's hug and is doing.
Hikaru wants to give Mokona a hug.

aya wa imouto no aya chan wo mamoritai n da!
aya (subject) little sister of aya chan (who) want to protect is!
Aya wants to protect his little sister Aya!

ken tachi wa taketori wo doushitemo koroshitai n desu!
ken (lots of) (subject) taketori (who) no matter what want to kill is!
Ken (and the others) want to kill Taketori no matter what else!

Useful Words

yaru - to do
miru - to try (also to see, watch)
dakishimeru - to embrace
yattsukeru - to defeat
kanashimu - to be sad

kimyou (na) - strange
taisetsu (na) - important

doushitemo - no matter what

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